A smiling woman sits in a warmly lit treatment room patting a therapy dog.

Amy Kate Isaacs, 6 May, 2022

Psychology graduate Amy Kate Isaacs has built a business delivering mindfulness and compassion.

I decided to study psychology after various challenging personal experiences knocked me off my perch. I wanted to understand post-traumatic growth vs post-traumatic stress. I also had a keen interest in positive psychology strategies to reduce stress after observing how stressed our society is.

It devastates me to see people suffering unnecessarily, and often just because they haven’t found the right tools, strategies or perspectives that suit them or their challenges in life. Everyone is unique, a one size fits all strategy just doesn’t cut it.

I trialled three therapists before finding the right person to support me to rebuild my life. The vibe between someone and their therapist is important, we need to be able to trust our therapists with out deepest and sometimes even darkest thoughts. Working as a psychologist it’s a privilege to be trusted with someone’s experiences.

I began building The Mindful Collective after completing my Master of Psychology (Education and Development). We offer a broad range of services from psychological therapy, counselling, community events, and workshops that support a range of ages and life stages.

The Mindful Collective is a team of passionate and empowered people seeking to inspire mindful change in the world. We individually and collectively stand for equality, inclusion and diversity because without difference we cannot innovate.

Evie the therapy dog wears a sign that says free hugs.

Of course, our studio wouldn’t be complete without our resident therapy dog, Italian Greyhound Evie (who is the true boss).

Our team and the guests who visit our studio inspire me daily. Humans are incredible. We go through such challenging experiences, yet we keep trying to be the person we want to be – that’s extremely inspiring!

When starting my own business, I took my time reflecting on the niche I wanted to fill within the industry. I am so grateful that I was able to find my feet initially and then jump into the deep end once I had a feel for the space I wanted to create.

The Mindful Collective is located at 189 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington.

You can find out more about The Mindful Collective on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and explore their online resources.

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Amy Kate Isaacs

Graduate, Master of Psychology

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