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1 July 2021
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31 July 2021

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The Roland Bishop Biomedical Engineering Research Award is a grant of up to $25,000 that has been created by QUT, in partnership with the family of Roland Bishop. This award supports early career researchers to progress innovative research targeted at the development of a medical device or medical device technology.


You're eligible for this award if you're currently an early career researcher, up to five years post-PhD, in biomedical engineering working to advance the development of an innovative medical device or medical device technology.

If on contract with QUT, you must have an end date of at least 18 months after your award submission.

How to apply

To apply for this award you must complete the online application form.

Please note that you can't save an incomplete application form. We recommended you prepare your application in Word and complete your online application when you have all the required information and attachments.

Your completed application must include the required attachments:

Only completed applications with all required attachments submitted will be considered by the selection panel.

What happens next?

A selection panel of QUT academic leaders, and potentially a Roland Bishop family representative, will allocate the Roland Bishop Biomedical Engineering Research Award based on information provided in the application.

The award winner will be selected against the following criteria:

  • demonstrated academic excellence in the field of biomedical engineering
  • potential long term impact of the biomedical device/technology when developed
  • likelihood of the research achieving its stated research outcomes
  • research development stage and track record.

In certain cases the shortlisted candidates will be required to attend a 20 minute interview to assess the candidates in greater detail against the selection criteria.

The successful applicant will be notified in June or July 2021 by telephone and in writing and may be invited to an award presentation to meet representatives of the Roland Bishop family.


As the successful award recipient, you'll be required to comply with the following conditions:

  • Award funding must be spent within two years of being received into the research project account.
  • Reports must be provided to the Faculty of Engineering Associate Dean (Research) and donor family on the first anniversary of receiving the award funds, and at the completion of the project, detailing the research impact and outcomes achieved with the award funding.
  • You'll attend an award presentation with representatives of the Roland Bishop family if requested.
  • You'll provide a photograph and short quote to feature on the QUT Roland Bishop Biomedical Engineering Research Award web page.
  • If requested, you'll participate in an online news story.

Terms and conditions for Roland Bishop Award for Biomedical Engineering Research (PDF file; 537.4 KB)

About the scholarship

Roland Lesleigh Bishop graduated in 1961 as an electrician from QUT’s predecessor institution, the Central Technical College (CTC) and initially worked within the Engineering Department at The Royal Brisbane Hospital. In 1962 Mr Bishop moved to The Prince Charles Hospital (then named The Brisbane Chest Hospital) where he enjoyed a long and distinguished career working at the cutting edge of medical device technology until his retirement in 1990.

Mr Bishop (affectionately known to his colleagues as Roley) was regarded by the specialist medical staff as an invaluable team member who played a crucial role in the establishment of the Hospital’s cardiorespiratory services. In 1963 Mr Bishop set up the Hospital’s Medical Electronics Division, and in the early days he was solely responsible for the preparation of lifesaving electronic equipment specifications, recommendations for equipment selection, and the trouble shooter when equipment failures occurred.

Throughout his career Mr Bishop championed the development of medical device technology for critically ill heart patients, particularly heart pacemakers, when the industry was in its infancy and in the early days of open heart surgery. In 1969 Mr Bishop was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to become acquainted with the various types, uses and mechanical operation of electrical apparatus used in cardiac units in the USA, UK, Sweden, and Netherlands.

When he passed away in 2017, Mr Bishop made a significant gift to QUT through his Will, and the University has worked with Mr Bishop’s family to ensure his visionary generosity supports the progression of important research closely aligned with his passions.

Awarded for the first time in 2020, the Roland Bishop Award for Biomedical Engineering Research provides an invaluable funding boost to early career researchers to accelerate medical technological advances with the potential to enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities world-wide.

Mr Bishop’s bequest gift to QUT has also supported research to advance the development of a wireless system to power ventricular assist devices (VADS). These specialised devices help sick hearts to keep pumping for people waiting for a transplant or recovering from cardiac surgery. The wireless power transfer system being developed at QUT reduces the risk of infection through eliminating the need to break the skin to power the pump.

Mr Bishop’s generosity has also enabled the development of a Robotic Musculoskeletal Simulator. The robotic system mimics dynamic muscle movement, as well as motion within joints, to accurately reproduce the conditions experienced by the human body during daily activities. This research will lead to the better design and testing of medical implants, novel surgical procedures and physiotherapy treatments.

The Roland Bishop Award for Biomedical Engineering Research will be a lasting legacy honouring the contribution made by Mr Bishop to the development of medical devices that have saved countless lives.


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