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Robotics Scholarship

Future student scholarship
A scholarship for future PhD students interested in research at the intersection of robotics and creative practice.

Scholarship details

Study levels


Student type

Future students

Study area

Creative practice, communication and design and Science and mathematics

Eligibility criteria

Academic performance


Australian or New Zealand and International

Application dates

Applications close
30 September 2019

What you'll receive

You’ll receive:

  • a living allowance for 3.5 years indexed annually ($27,496 in 2019). This scholarship can be used to support living costs
  • a total of $3,000 (over a 3.5 year period) to support other related research costs
  • membership to the QUT Creative Lab, giving you access to an array of high tech spaces, facilities and equipment.


You must:

Is this project right for me?

Your project will be arts and research driven, with a substantial portion of creative practice output. You'll seek in a novel way to explore and engage aspects of robotic science and electrical engineering underway at the Robotics Lab and associated cultural forces.

We'll give preference to researchers with a strong interest in robotics or artificial intelligence.

You must be free to divide your time each week between the Robotics Lab at QUT’s Gardens Point City campus, and the Creative Lab at QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus.

How to apply

Applications for our annual scholarship round are now open for students starting in 2020.

Apply for a research degree and a scholarship any time between now and 30 September 2019.

You must register your interest for a scholarship when you apply for your course by completing the 'Scholarship application' section of the research degree application form. Indicate on your application that you want to be considered for a scholarship as part of our annual scholarship round.

You'll be considered for all scholarships you're eligible for.

If you have already applied for admission and want to be considered in the annual scholarship round, register your interest by contacting the Research Students Centre.

Read our guide to applying for research scholarships (PDF file, 1.2 MB)

Follow our step-by-step guide to apply for a research degree

Explore the Creative Lab website

What happens next?

We'll assess applications and make offers in mid-November. If your scholarship application is successful, you'll need to accept the offer by the response date provided in your offer. We expect you to begin your research degree early in the following year.

Eligibility for admission to a PhD is determined by the Research Students Centre. Scholarships applications will be assessed by the faculty you’re applying to study with


Your scholarship will end when you submit your thesis, or at the end of the award's tenure, whichever comes first.

Read the terms and conditions for this scholarship:

To keep your scholarship, you must:

  • make satisfactory progress in your studies
  • remain studying at QUT
  • be enrolled as an internal student
  • remain studying full-time.

You can't:

  • hold another scholarship that is worth more than 75% of the QUT Postgraduate Research Award.

About the scholarship

We envisage that your program of research would somehow integrate within a range of initiatives currently underway, ensuring your entry into a transdisciplinary collaborative and supportive working environment. Your supervisors, and other available mentors, have extensive experience across the experimental arts and robotic science and their many possible interactions.

Possible projects include:

Anatomies in the age of the anthropocene
This research will explore invented morphologies and anatomies of chimerical beings while studying their potential behaviours. In between AI, evolving systems, generative algorithms and sculpture, the research will investigate simultaneously both their robotic potentials and their uncanny aesthetics.
Supernumerary limbs for performers
In robotics, the collaboration between human and robots generate tremendous challenges in terms of safety, compliance, communication and cooperation. In our research, we replace the potential industrial cooperative tasks with stage scenarios. The research will investigate the performing values of human supernumerary limbs, would it be for dance, music performance, public art or the actor. We are seeking to address the full spectrum of altered morphologies, from a full symbiosis with a cooperative extra arm to a parasitic-host disjointed relation. In turn, this research will inform the scientific community about cooperative human-robot scenarios in alternate challenging situations.

Contact Professor Louis Philippe Demers for further details.

The QUT Robotics Lab

The QUT Robotics lab is located QUT’s Gardens Point Campus in Brisbane, Queensland. The Robotics Lab is world renowned and is the lead node of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision. The lab co-hosted the 2018 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) and won the 2017 Amazon Robotics Challenge.

The lab is very well connected internationally and domestically and the lab’s staff and postgraduate students come from all over the world.

The activities of the lab cover a broad spectrum of robotics and automation including robotic vision and control, and autonomous vehicles on the land, sea and air, with applications in agriculture, medicine, mining and manufacturing.

Explore QUT's research in robotics and computer vision

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