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Future students

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Science, technology and engineering and mathematics

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What you'll receive

We are seeking a full-time, highly motivated PhD candidate to perform cutting-edge research in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The successful candidate will be working under the direct supervision of Professor Yin Xiao in the School of Mechanical, Medical & Process Engineering. During the PhD, the candidate will drive a research project that extends current knowledge in Biomaterials and tissue (e.g., bone) regeneration or in a related area. It is expected that the new basic knowledge generated will contribute to high-quality publications and possible technology translation. Travel to national and international conferences will be available to the successful candidate.

The successful applicant will receive a scholarship, tax exempt and indexed annually of $28,597 per annum for a period of three years, with a possible 6 month extension, subject to satisfactory progress.

International students will also receive either:

  • an Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) fees offset (International)
  • or a QUT research degree (HDR) tuition fee scholarship.

The Scholarship will be governed by QUTPRA Scholarship rules.


As we are seeking to recruit a student as soon as possible, consideration will be given to an applicant's ability to be on-shore prior to July 2021, taking into account Australia's current COVID-19 border restrictions.

To apply for this scholarship, you must meet the entry requirements for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at QUT, including any English language req0irements for international students.

Ideally, you will also have (preferred but not essential):

  • Experience in tissue regeneration research
  • Experience in immunology research
  • Experience in aging research
  • Experience in bio-material research
  • Experience in bioinformatics

How to apply

Interested applicants must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for consideration prior to applying for this scholarship, as per QUT's how to apply website.

For this Scholarship, your Expression of Interest must also include:

  • an up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV), including recent IELTS or equivalent for international applicants
  • a two-page research proposal addressing the scholarship topic
  • a writing sample (e.g. copy of an article/essay/thesis you have completed)
  • contact details for up to two academic referees (if applicable)

The EOI must indicate that you are applying for this scholarship, and must have Prof Yin Xiao listed as your proposed principal supervisor.

What happens next?

This scholarship will remain open until a suitable candidate is found, however we are seeking to fill the position as soon as possible.

For more information about the scholarship or application process please contact Prof Yin Xiao.

About the scholarship

Tissue engineering has been considered as a potential tool for bioartificial tissue development/regeneration, although till now it is difficult to generate functional multi-tissue repair. This is due to the complex interactions between the implanted biomaterials and host-tissue, which eventually contribute to a microenvironment favourable/unfavourable for functional tissue regeneration.

The current project aims to develop a bio-engineered smart tissue-healing gel, which can release bio-active components (e.g., cytokines, exosomes, chemicals, etc.) in responses to healing conditions. The smart tissue healing gel will efficiently remodel the local microenvironment to promote tissue regeneration (e.g., vascularized bone regeneration). Especially, this smart gel will potentially boost tissue repair in conditions with difficulties in tissue regeneration (e.g., aging, obesity, diabetes, etc.), thereby significantly improve clinical treatments and patients’ well-being.

The PhD project will seat within the wider context of current project. The details of the PhD project will be discussed with the successful applicant. It will involve a series of laboratory-based experiments including, but not limited to, biomaterial development and characterization, cell behaviors/functions upon material stimulation, cell-to-cell crosstalk between different lineages (e.g., immune-bone cell crosstalk, bone cell-neuron crosstalk, etc.), material-induced multi-tissue regeneration in animals, etc

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