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Future students and Current students

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Australian or New Zealand

What you'll receive

The successful applicant will receive:

  • a living allowance of AU$33,413 pa (ARC 2020 rate) for three years, indexed annually
  • a six-month extension to the scholarship is also possible, subject to approval by QUT.

The scholarship is for full-time study and can be used to support living costs.


You must:

  • meet QUT academic and English language entry requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy (IF49)
  • have recently completed Masters of Philosophy or Research Masters, OR
  • undertake research under the primary supervision of an investigator within the Centre
  • conduct research aligned with topics listed on the Australian Cobotics Centre website to ensure industry partner organisation requirements are met
  • have recently completed a degree in employee relations, human resource management, management, or sociology of work with first-class honours (H1) or equivalent.

The provision of a scholarship is conditional on successful application and admission to the IF49 Doctor of Philosophy course. Eligibility for admission to a research degree is determined by the Graduate Research Centre.

How to apply

All applicants must submit their expression of interest via the Australian Cobotics Centre website

The form requests:

  • an overview of your interest in the topic, skills and experience and proposed research methods
  • details of your choice of project and supervisor
  • an up-to-date CV indicating previous lab experience and skills.

If you have a project you feel is aligned to the Centre’s research, but doesn’t fit within one of the specified topics, please note this in the EOI providing details of your proposed topic.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, preference/priority will be given to domestic or resident international students but exceptional international applicants will be considered.

What happens next?

Applications will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

All EOIs will be reviewed by the Program Leaders and proposed supervisor.  If successful, the proposed supervisors will be in contact to invite you to submit a full application at the university of your proposed supervisor. Eligibility for admission to a research degree is determined by the QUT’s Graduate Research Centre.

For more information about the scholarship or application process please contact


The terms and conditions for retaining the scholarship are set out in the rules of the QUT Postgraduate Research Award (Domestic)

You will be required to complete a 12 month placement as part of your candidature.  The placement may be a combination of remote and in-person and take place at one or more of the industry partner organisations.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, preference/priority will be given to domestic or resident international students but exceptional international applicants will be considered.

About the scholarship

Project Title

The Future Workforce - Skills and Security


This Project aims to identify how collaborative robotics are reshaping the skills required of the Advanced Manufacturing workforce and the potential impact on the job and income security of workers.

Through interviews and surveys of workers in Advanced Manufacturing, this project will explore the extent of robotic adoption in workplaces and the impact on and experiences of workers. The study will examine how robotics have influenced workers’ sense of job, income and labour market security and if and how, their work, employment or skill requirements have changed.

The findings will provide new insights on the extent of collaborative robotic adoption in Advanced Manufacturing in Australia, facilitate the identification of skill requirements for the future, and will explain the real and perceived impacts of technological change on the worker.

Principal Supervisor: Paula McDonald

Partner Organisation: WELD Australia

Contact Professor Paula McDonald for further information:

Skills and experience

To be considered for this project, you must have:

  • recently completed a degree (first class honours) or
  • have completed a Masters of Philosophy in human resource management, employee relations, management, sociology of work, or a related field, with a particular interest in the impact of technology on work, workers or workplaces.

Ideally, you will have both applied qualitative (interviews) and quantitative (survey) research methodologies and have experience working with Industry partners.

About the Centre

The Australian Cobotics Centre was established in August 2021.  Our research is focused on the implementation of Collaborative Robotics (or cobotics) within Australian Manufacturing. The aim is to create a safer, more efficient and globally competitive manufacturing industry.

The Centre, funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) is a collaboration between three Australian universities (Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Swinburne University of Technology and University of Technology Sydney (UTS)) and industry partners from a range of manufacturing industries including steel making and medical devices.

The Australian Cobotics Centre provides PhD students with opportunity to do cutting edge research in industry alongside other researchers in a multidisciplinary team led by some of the world’s leading scholars.

We offer a holistic training and development program that includes a 12 month industry placement, industry mentor program and formal and informal training opportunities on research communications, technical skills and personal development.

Visit the website for further information:

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