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Future students

Study area

Science, technology and engineering and mathematics

Eligibility criteria

Academic performance



What you'll receive

This project is funded by the PROCESS Academy (Postgraduate Research for the Operating in a CBRN Environment (OCE) STaR Shot (SS). The Academy sits within the Australian Government's Department of Defence.

The successful applicant will receive:

  • a four year, tax-free living stipend of up to  $50,494 per annum
  • appropriate resourcing for laboratory consumables and IT equipment
  • immersion in the problem space through hands-on experience with equipment and training paradigms – run by Defence subject matter experts and industry representatives with input from first responder and public funded research agencies (PFRA)
  • relevant work placement (DSTG or industry or PFRA or first responder laboratory)
  • tailored opportunities to interact with end user communities (military and civilian) and test your discoveries in relevant scenarios (where appropriate).
  • co-supervision (where appropriate) from Defence science domain or industry expert/s
  • collegiate experience – facilitated connection with other program participants
  • opportunities to expose your research to Australia’s international defence and national security partners.


Applicants must:

  • meet the entry requirements for QUT's Doctor of Philosophy degree.
  • be an Australian citizen
  • commit to full time, internal enrolment
  • hold a Bachelors of Science or Engineering with Honours or a Masters in a relevant area, such as physics, mechatronics, robotics, mechanical or electrical engineering, computer science
  • have some research experience.

It is desirable that applicants have:

  • programming skills (e.g. C++/Python)
  • knowledge of/experience with laser sensors, robotic and/or autonomous vehicles.

How to apply

If your application matches the project's needs, you will be invited to apply for a PhD at QUT.

How to apply for a research degree

You must submit your expression of interest (EOI). Indicate your interest in this scholarship by nominating Prof Esa Jaatinen or A/Prof Thierry Peynot as principal supervisor and include the name of this scholarship in the financial details section.

If your EOI is accepted you will be invited to submit a full application including a research proposal to finalise your application.

What happens next?

Applications will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

Please feel free to contact Prof Esa Jaatinen or A/Prof Thierry Peynot with any questions about the available projects.

About the scholarship

The PROCESS Academy is seeking talented and motivated researchers to join this inaugural postgraduate initiative pilot. The PROCESS will pursue research aimed at enabling the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to operate more safely within a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) contaminated environment.

The CBRN environment is arguably the most challenging environment that our joint forces and first responder communities face. If you are a high-performing student candidate, then this program may be for you!

QUT currently has two projects available under this scheme:

Project 1 - Autonomous detection and mapping of chemical hazards or concealed explosives using advanced optical sensing and mobile robotics.

The project will develop an intelligent autonomous mobile robot equipped with state-of-the-art sensing capabilities that can detect and localize threats efficiently and accurately

Project 2 - Threat detection through walls using advanced optical sensing and robotics.

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