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Future students

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Australian or New Zealand and International

Application dates

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12 February 2019

What you'll receive

You'll receive:

  • a scholarship of $6,000, paid in two installments over two semesters. Each installment will be paid after the census date for the semester.

The School of Economics and Finance also offers also the School of Economics and Finance Honours Scholarship.


You must:

  • have applied for and received an offer to study a Bachelor of Business (Honours) in the School of Economics and Finance
  • enrol in full-time study
  • have achieved a grade of 7 in the unit Introductory/Applied Econometrics (EFB333)
  • choose to research an area of econometrics.

How to apply

Step 1: Apply to study

You must apply for and receive an offer for a Bachelor of Business (Honours) in the School of Economics and Finance before you can apply for a scholarship.

How to apply for a postgraduate coursework degree (including one-year honours degrees)

Step 2: Apply for a scholarship

  1. Complete the application form and indicate which scholarships you want to apply for. You can apply for multiple scholarships using the same form:
  2. Gather your supporting documents. You must supply your CV or resume. You may also choose to supply other documents you think will support your application, such as written references.
  3. Submit your application form, CV or resume, and any other supporting documents to Katalina Mok in the School of Economics and Finance.

If you have any questions about the scholarship or your scholarship application, contact Professor Daniel Smith.

What happens next?

The National Centre for Econometric Research (NCER) Honours Scholarship will be awarded to the applicants with the highest overall result in their undergraduate degree in either economics or finance.

If your application is successful, the Assistant School Administration Officer will contact you to let you know.

If you are selected for more than one scholarship, you will be asked to choose which one you will accept. If you decline the offer of a scholarship, it may be awarded to the second most qualified applicant if appropriate.


The National Centre for Econometric Research (NCER) Honours Scholarship will be paid for up to two semesters. They are renewable after the first semester if your progress in the course is deemed satisfactory.

To keep your scholarship, you must:

  • stay enrolled full-time (48 credit points of study). We expect that you'll commit at least 30 hours a week to your research, averaged over the year of your degree
  • maintain satisfactory progress in your course and/or maintain grade point average (GPA) of 6 or above in your required coursework units
  • apply for approval to undertake paid employment while studying. Approval must be given by the Head of School on the advice of your principal supervisor. Any paid employment must not interfere with your study program, and QUT reserves the right to terminate your scholarship if your progress is unsatisfactory as the result of additional paid work.

You will not be required to provide any service to QUT during or after your scholarship period as a condition of receiving your scholarship.

If you withdraw from your course or any units after the census date, you will need to repay the scholarship for that semester and cover the tuition fees for any units you were enrolled in within 30 days.

Tax exemption

Awards funded by QUT faculties, schools and centres that comply with Australian Taxation Office conditions are tax exempt. It is your responsibility to check the taxation legislation on the Australian Taxation Office website.

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