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What you'll receive

You'll receive:

  • A bursary of up to A$6,750 to cover tuition fees for up to 15 weeks EAP.

We will continue to provide the QUT College English Language Concession and Experience English at QUT (EEQ) tuition concession for eligible students. If you already receive one of these additional tuition fee concessions, you will not receive 100% of the EAP Bursary. Instead, we will provide an amount to cover the remainder of your first QUT EAP tuition fee.

The bursary value depends on whether you're studying the:

  • 10-week EAP Standard program:
    • EAP1 Standard (QC34)
    • EAP2 Standard (QC36)
    • EAP3 Standard (QC38)
  • or 15-week EAP Extended program:
    • EAP1 Extended (QC35)
    • EAP2 Extended (QC37)
    • EAP3 Extended (QC39)

I'm not receiving any other concession

You'll receive:

  • AU$4,500 if you're studying the 10-week EAP program
  • AU$6,750 if you're studying the 15-week EAP program.

I'm receiving an English Language concession

You'll receive:

  • AU$3,375 if you're studying the 10-week EAP program
  • AU$5,062.50 if you're studying the 15-week EAP program.

I'm receiving an Experience English at QUT concession

You'll receive:

  • AU$2,250 if you're studying the 10-week EAP program
  • AU$3,375 if you're studying the 15-week EAP program.


You must:

  • be a new commencing international student in the EAP program, including those who are applying to QUT and have not yet accepted the made offer from QUT
  • be applying for a minimum of one EAP program, followed by an academic program at QUT. The academic program must have a minimum duration of one semester, and may include:
    • foundation
    • diploma
    • University Certificate in Tertiary Preparation
    • study abroad programs
    • coursework degrees
  • start the EAP program before April 2022
  • start the subsequent academic program at QUT College or QUT before 31 December 2022
  • meet the minimum academic and English requirements for each QUT course as outlined in the letter of offer, including the EAP program
  • accept your offer to study at QUT by following the instructions in your letter of offer.

How to apply

You don't need to apply separately for the EAP Bursary. If eligible, you will automatically receive the EAP Bursary letter, following your QUT offer letter.

Find your EAP program

There is no deadline for this bursary, as the EAP Bursary is automatically offered upon meeting the eligibility criteria. However, you must start your EAP program before April 2022.

If you need more information, you can ask us a question.

What happens next?

You must accept your offer to study at QUT by following the instructions outlined in your offer letter (detailed in the 'Accepting Your Offer' section).

When you make the acceptance payment, you will need to pay your EAP tuition fees upfront.

When will I receive the bursary?

You'll receive your bursary payment once you've successfully completed the EAP Program and progressed to the subsequent academic program.

We will automatically manage this process, and the EAP Bursary value will appear as a reduction on the tuition fees for your subsequent academic program.


  • The EAP Bursary does not apply to:
    • applicants packaging with General English
    • Master of Philosophy and PhD program applicants
    • continuing QUT students.
  • Students must pay the EAP program tuition upfront.
  • The EAP Bursary will only apply after students have met all academic and English requirements to progress to the subsequent academic program.
  • In the event a student is admitted into a second EAP program, the Bursary applies when they progress to the subsequent academic program.
  • If a student withdraws from the subsequent academic program before the census date, the EAP Bursary will cease. The student will not be entitled to receive the EAP Bursary.
  • The EAP Bursary is available to onshore and offshore international students.
  • Students must maintain full-time enrolment status in EAP and subsequent academic programs.
  • Students can only be the recipient of either the QUT Business School English Language Refund Scheme (QBS ELRS) or the EAP Bursary. Student cannot receive both QBS ELRS and EAP Bursary.
  • Students who fail their EAP Program will still be eligible for the EAP bursary if they commence the subsequent academic program at QUT College or the faculties before 31 December 2022.

About the scholarship

QUT is offering an English for Academic Program (EAP) Bursary Scheme to all international students commencing EAP before April 2022.

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