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Student type

Future students

Study area

Creative practice, communication and design, Engineering, Science, technology and engineering and mathematics

Eligibility criteria

Academic performance

Application dates

Applications close
31 December 2022

What you'll receive

You'll receive a scholarship, tax exempt and indexed annually, of $34,013 per annum for a period of three years, with a possible 6 month extension, subject to satisfactory progress.

If you're an international student, you will also receive either:

  • an Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) fees offset (International)
  • a QUT research degree (HDR) tuition fee scholarship.

As the scholarship recipient, you will have the opportunity to work with a team of leading researchers and undertake your own innovative research.


To apply for this scholarship, you must meet the entry requirements for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at QUT, including any English language requirements for international students.

You must also:

How to apply

Submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) via the Australian Cobotics Centre website:

Expression of Interest

The form requests:

  • an overview of your interest in the topic and proposed research methods
  • details of your choice of project and supervisor
  • an up-to-date CV indicating previous lab experience and skills.

If you have a project you feel is aligned to the centre’s research, but doesn’t fit within one of the specified topics, note this in the expression of interest providing details of your proposed topic.

What happens next?

All EOIs will be reviewed by the program leaders and proposed supervisor. If successful, the proposed supervisors will be in contact to invite you to submit a full application at the university of your proposed supervisor. Eligibility for admission to a research degree is determined by the QUT’s Graduate Research Centre.

For more information about the scholarship or application process please contact


The conditions for retaining the scholarship are set out in the rules of the QUT Postgraduate Research Award (Domestic) or QUT Postgraduate Research Award (International).

Students will be required to complete a 12 month placement as part of their candidature. The placement may be a combination of remote and in-person and take place at one or more of the industry partner organisations.

About the scholarship

This project investigates co-design and development of immersive visualisation (i.e. augmented reality, virtual reality) approaches to simulate, prototype, and evaluate products and spaces for human-robot collaboration within real-world manufacturing processes and contexts. The benefits of using immersive visualisation approaches will include the ability to evaluate before, during, and after different collaborative robotic settings and necessary manufacturing process and spatial adaptations have been made.

Additionally, human workers and decision makers can gain a better understanding of how a collaborative robot might affect their workplace and work procedures. Empowering these end-users through the co-design of immersive visualisations can improve collaborative robot acceptance rates and can allow for additional ideas about how to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of human-robot collaboration.

Contact Associate Professor Glenda Caldwell for further information.

About the Centre

The Australian Cobotics Centre was established in August 2021. Our research is focused on the implementation of Collaborative Robotics (or cobotics) within Australian Manufacturing. The aim is to create a safer, more efficient and globally competitive manufacturing industry.

The Centre, funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) is a collaboration between three Australian universities (Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Swinburne University of Technology and University of Technology Sydney (UTS)) and industry partners from a range of manufacturing industries including steel making and medical devices.

The Australian Cobotics Centre provides PhD students with opportunity to do cutting edge research in industry alongside other researchers in a multidisciplinary team led by some of the world’s leading scholars.

We offer a holistic training and development program that includes a 12 month industry placement, industry mentor program and formal and informal training opportunities on research communications, technical skills and personal development.

Visit the Australian Cobotics Centre website

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