Faculty of Health Honours Scholarship Scheme

Available for

You have to be applying for a QUT course to apply for this scholarship.

Student type:
  • Future domestic research students
  • Academic performance
Study type:
  • Postgraduate research
  • Health
Eligible courses:
  • HL51,HL55

Application dates

Closing date: 6 December 2013

Eligibility details

You must:

  • have completed at least 3 years of an undergraduate degree at a high level of achievement (we usually won't consider students with a grade point average of less than 5)
  • not have completed a degree at the same, or higher, level as your proposed candidature
  • have been accepted for enrolment as a full-time candidate in an honours program offered by the Faculty of Health at the time the scholarship is taken up. We may approve a part-time Honours Scholarship, but only under exceptional circumstances
  • be an Australian citizen, or have permanent resident status and have lived in Australia continuously for 12 months at the application closing date.

What you receive

You'll receive:

  • $5000 per year, paid in fortnightly instalments
  • tax exemption for a full-time award.

How to apply

To apply, you must:

You must also:

  • apply for and be accepted into the honours program.

Applying for a postgraduate course

What happens next

We will:

  • make scholarship offers in December and January
  • rank candidates and allocate scholarships based on overall grade point average. If we need to choose between candidates with the same grade point average, your final year results or results in research methods units may count towards your ranking.

Make sure your address is correct so that you receive any correspondence we send you. You will have a limited time to accept the offer before it lapses. Contact the Health Honours Student and Teaching Support if there's any change to your address during this period.

Some schools in our faculty may have a limit to the number of scholarships they can offer.

You may apply for special consideration in your application for a scholarship. You must submit evidence to support your case for special consideration by the scholarship closing date.


The scholarship will be terminated at the end of the pay period in which you submit your thesis, or at the end of the scholarship's duration, whichever is earlier.

We will terminate scholarships before this time if you fail to:

  • enrol full-time (or part-time where approved) and commence your studies by the date specified in the offer letter
  • meet the eligibility criteria
  • fulfill your obligations
  • make satisfactory progress

Your obligations are to:

  • apply yourself diligently and to the best of your ability
  • maintain regular and frequent consultations with the supervisors
  • abide by the NH&MRC codes on human and animal experimentation
  • abide by the policies and rulings of the QUT University Human Research Ethics Committee and the University Animal Research Committee
  • adhere to university regulations (including disciplinary provisions)
  • notify the Senior Research Administrator, Faculty of Health, in writing if you:
    • discontinue your studies in the faculty honours program
    • are absent for any reason (other than recreation leave) for 14 days, except with the prior approval of your supervisor
    • leave Queensland for reasons other than approved overseas study, approved suspension or other approved absence.

You may undertake paid employment, but only if:

  • it does not interfere with the course of your study
  • has the approval of your course coordinator
  • it does not exceed six hours in any one-week or 180 hours per year (not including weekends and holiday periods) for full time students.


Student and Teaching Support - Health Honours

  • Level 6 O Block, B Wing, Room 601
    Kelvin Grove