US Financial Aid

QUT became a 'Deferment Only' institution from December 2012. This means that QUT will no longer be able to award any new or commencing student William D. Ford Direct Loans funds.

Deferring loans

If you have already received a US Federal Student loan, QUT can approve a deferment. If you are enrolled at QUT on a full-time or more than half-time basis, you can apply to defer repayment of those loans. Contact your lender for the appropriate forms, which can then be certified by QUT.

US private loans

Presently, Sallie Mae is the only lender offering private education loans to students studying outside of the US. Refer to their website for specific details about eligibility, how to apply, loan amounts and other terms and conditions.

US Department of Veteran Affairs Education Benefit Program

QUT is an approved institution for the administration of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs funding under the Post 9/11 GI Bill program.

Eligibility for VA benefits can be extended to veterans, members of the Selected Reserves or National Guard; and children or spouses of service-connected deceased or totally and permanently disabled veterans. Each U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) education program has distinct eligibility requirements under specific chapters of Title 10 and 38, U.S. Code (USC). All students who feel they may be eligible for education benefits should submit an application to the DVA. Even if a student appears to be ineligible, the DVA will review the application and officially grant or deny benefits.

More information on the G.I. Bill and eligibility requirements