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To search for units, please ensure the appropriate period is selected in the Calendar field; then select the Discipline or Unit Code using the list below as a guide. The Teaching Period may also be selected if known.
Discipline Unit Code
Accountancy AY
Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations AM
Animation KN
Architecture DA
Biology BV BZ
Biomedical Sciences LQ LS
Built Environment & Engineering BE
Business BS
Chemistry CV CZ
Clinical Sciences CS LS
Computer Science CA
Creative Advertising KA
Creative Industries KK KY
Creative Writing & Literary Studies KW
Cultural and Professional Learning LC
Curriculum CR
Dance KD
Design DE
Drama KR KS KT
Early Childhood EA
Earth Systems ER EZ
Economics and Finance EF
Education ED
Electrical & Electronic Systems Engin'g EP
Engineering EN EG
Entertainment and Arts Management KX
Environmental Sciences EV
Exercise and Nutrition XN
Fashion DF KF
Film and Screen KP
General English QE
Health HL
Human Movement Studies HM
Indigenous Knowledges OU
Industrial Design DN
Information Systems IA
Information Technology IN IF
Interactive and Visual Design DX KI
Interior Design DT
Journalism KJ
Justice JS
Landscape Architecture DL
Legal Practice LP
Management and Human Resources MG
Mathematical Sciences MA MZ MX
Media Communication KC
Music KM
Natural Resource Sciences NQ NR
Nursing NS
Optometry OP
Physical Sciences PC PQ PV
Property Economics US
Psychology and Counselling PY
Public Health PU
QUT Graduate School of Business GS
QUT International College QC
Science SC
Science and Engineering SE
Science and Technology ST
Social Work SW
Urban Design DU
Urban Development UD UX PM
Visual Arts KV