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Wednesday 7 October 2020
4.00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
45 minutes


Online via Zoom

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About this masterclass

Law and Design Thinking

Learning to ‘think like a lawyer’ is an important part of a law degree, but it is not the only way to solve legal problems. Lawyers are increasingly being called upon to think about legal problems in new ways and to be creative and innovative in developing solutions. Law and design thinking will introduce students to a five-step methodology that takes a human-centred approach to problem solving.

Meet our speaker

Dr Rachel Hews

Dr Rachel Hews is the Course Coordinator for the Graduate Certificate in Future Law Technologies course, and the Unit Coordinator for Legal Design Online, and Law and Design Thinking subjects. She is passionate about using human-centred design to find creative and innovative ways to build better legal futures. While traditional approaches to law are valuable, our rapidly changing professional landscape calls for new ways of providing legal services, generating legal products, and managing legal practice. By applying creative and entrepreneurial mindsets and methodologies, and leveraging a range of tools and technologies, we can become more effective professionals who better meet the needs of our clients.


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