University partner - what you need to do

As university partner, it's your role to maintain communication between all channels, assist with resolving any issues that come up, and assist the Professional Experience team with administration.

University Partner Checklist (PDF file, 111.3 KB)

At the beginning of placement

At the beginning of the placement, you'll need to:

  • Contact the site and provide your contact details to the site coordinator and supervising teacher
  • Check with the site that all placements have started
  • Email or phone your allocated pre-service teacher(s) to establish communication and explain your role
  • Familiarise yourself with the relevant progression tables and reports

During placement

  • Inform the Professional Experience team of any pre-service teacher absences. If the pre-service teacher is absent for two or more days, they must provide a medical certificate to the site and PEx team.
  • Maintain close contact with the site and visit if required.
  • Send reminders regarding interim reports (due on the mid-point of the placement) and check on progress.
  • If interim reports haven't been received, let the PEx team know.
  • Contact the site coordinator or supervising teacher to discuss interim report feedback.
  • Remind pre-service teachers to send you a copy of the interim report.
  • Discuss the interim report with your pre-service teacher and talk through their plans for the remainder of the placement.

Final week of placement

  • Remind the site coordinator that the final report needs to be completed for the last day of placement. The original is to be kept by the pre-service teacher, with a copy kept by the site.
  • Remind the pre-service teacher to send you a copy of the final report.
  • Contact the site to thank them for hosting the pre-service teacher, and ask for any feedback. Forward this feedback to the Professional Experience team.
  • Make note of any pre-service teacher who has not completed the required number of days and arrangements that have been put in place to make up these days. Forward these details to the Professional Experience team.

What to do if there is an issue

Pre-service teacher performance or behaviour concerns

If the school or site raises an issue regarding a pre-service teacher, recommend they instigate a Student Action Plan as soon as possible. The school or site will determine how involved you need to be in this process, however you will need to sign off on the plan.

Withdrawing from placement

If a pre-service teacher withdraws from the placement at any time, ensure the site completes a final report making note of the reason/s for non-completion and recording the result as 'unsatisfactory'. Forward this to the Professional Experience team.

Pre-service teacher has failed the placement

If any pre-service teacher has failed their placement, inform the Professional Experience office.

Contact us

Contact our professional experience team for more information.