Kylie Vecchio

Kylie Vecchio, 5 March, 2022

Having moved all the way from Far North Queensland to Brisbane Kylie found the transition easy with two sisters at QUT. She started studying, working and playing sports and it wasn’t long until she was settled and confident in her decision to relocate.

With support from the best lecturers and tutors teaching education, Kylie also found the big transition from school to university easier than expected. She is now well on her way to succeeding as a teacher.

Here she talks about her experiences at QUT.

You are now in your second year of a Bachelor of Secondary Education how are you finding the course?

I am thoroughly enjoying my Secondary Education course at QUT! Over the past 12 months, I have gained extensive knowledge about the aspects of teaching in both of my chosen areas and I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with like-minded students. This year, I go on my first placement for 15 days. I am looking forward to applying my current knowledge in the face-to-face classroom environment and expanding my skills.

What have you enjoyed about the course so far?

The course has provided me with numerous opportunities to explore my interests and passion, while also gaining a general understanding of teaching practice. In my first year of study, it was inspiring to be taught by some very experienced lecturers and tutors who shared their experiences and knowledge.

What made you want to be a secondary school teacher?

I was really inspired to become a secondary school teacher by my senior chemistry teacher in senior year. Her passion for the chemistry was reflected in the time and effort that was put into our classes. The hours before and after school that she committed to our education reflected her care for our progress in the subject. With my passion for chemistry and my love for sports, I was inspired to adapt these qualities to teaching secondary school students in the future.

Do you still want to be a chemistry teacher?

I still have a passion for chemistry and am excited to begin classes which explore chemical related processes in my second year! I hope my enthusiasm towards chemistry will give my students an enjoyable and insightful experience in chemistry class.

Why does teaching STEM interest you so much?

With the growing demand of STEM in our contemporary world, I am excited to be able to inspire the next generation. With the rise of new technologies and science, I will try to incorporate the use of critical thinking, as well as skills to develop solutions for complex issues. I am keen to incorporate these components of STEM into my classroom to ensure students are always searching for different solutions.

What made you choose QUT?

When looking for a university to study secondary education, I was the most impressed with QUT’s option to choose two subject areas to teach. My older sister studied a Bachelor of Secondary Education at QUT. This was also an important factor that contributed to my decision in studying at QUT. Her positive experience throughout the course contributed to my high regard for QUT. After progressing through my first year of secondary education at QUT, I feel I made the right decision by choosing QUT! The ongoing support from QUT staff, as well as the quality learning experiences, make QUT a university I would highly recommend for a degree in teaching.

What has it been like moving from Far North Queensland to Brisbane to study?

It was quite a large transition from FNQ to Brisbane to study at QUT. However, it didn’t take long to get settled in and begin studying, working, and playing NPL soccer in Brisbane. I feel I made the best decision to re-locate to Brisbane for university, and I am so grateful to have so many opportunities surrounding me!

How have you found the social life at QUT? Have you joined any clubs and made new friends?

It was a bit difficult to experience the social life at QUT throughout my first year of study, solely due to certain restrictions and Covid-19 lockdowns. I have made some amazing new friends, some through group assessment pieces, and others through learning activities in class. It has been great to share experiences and bond with like-minded people!

What advice can you give someone thinking about studying secondary education at QUT.

I would highly recommend studying secondary education at QUT! QUT provide their education students with numerous opportunities to excel and become the best educator possible.  They offer a vast range of subject areas and conduct classes in phenomenal facilities. The supportive and experienced teaching staff have been outstanding, and the classes are relevant and insightful!

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Kylie Vecchio

Kylie Vecchio

​Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

  • Chemistry Teaching Area
  • Health and Physical Education Teaching Area

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