Digital Play in Early Childhood Education: Supporting children's relational information literacy

With increased access to digital technologies, young children are required to make decisions about what information is useful or accurate, and how they might use this information.

This e-learning module is designed to help early childhood educators understand and use relational information literacy (RIL) processes to support young children’s learning as they engage in digital play.

The e-learning videos and suite of resources introduce the Digital Play 3C Questioning Framework as a tool to develop young children’s RIL skills and provide real-world examples of the 3C Questioning Framework in action.

An introduction to Digital Play



Watch the e-learning videos to start your learning journey.

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Kangaroo Paw Learning Story

Read the learning story to see this framework used in a real-world setting.


Read the annotations to learn more about the research evidence to support Digital Play and Relational Information Literary in early childhood.

Teaching resources

Download the 3C Questioning Framework and animations to use in your classrooms.

About the project

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Meet the team behind this project.

Teacher reflection

Read an educator’s thoughts on using digital tools within an early childhood setting.

This e-learning module will introduce you to the 3C Questioning Framework to support children to become evaluative, creative and critical thinkers.

Connect: connect with and find information

Contest: question and evaluate the information you find

Create: use information creatively or for a purpose