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Be inspired by the Creative Industries with real world experiences that explore and develop creative passion.

Jacaranda Community Press

Calling all media students!  Is your community important to you? Interested in communication, being a journalist and a founder of your own digital newspaper?

Join Jacaranda Community Press, a new media project from QUT School of Communication.

The Jacaranda Community Press project aims to connect school communities across the city, regional and rural areas specifically where NewsCorp have discontinued the local newspaper.


QUT will provide three workshops online, in school, or on campus.

Topics are:

  • getting started
  • finding and writing stories
  • making multimedia news
  • creating and publishing.

We will give you the toolkit so you can operate your own student managed community paper.

As founders of the newspaper, you will own the content, naming and publishing rights.

QUT student ambassadors will be on hand to support you.

Read The KGCollective, the first Brisbane youth journalism magazine.

Kelvin Grove State College journalism club students have recently published their first magazine issue sharing stories, art, podcasts and more. The Love Issue explores many different perspectives and portrayals of love.

How to join

Jacaranda Community Press is here to get your community stories told and for a limited number of Qld schools published online. If you and your school are interested, we can provide free resources, support and an online digital platform.

For more information contact

Vermilion High

Calling all high school musicians! Are you writing original music and interested in getting it professionally recorded and released?

Vermilion High is an entrepreneurial start-up from QUT's student-run record label, Vermilion Records.

In 2020, senior high school musicians recorded their songs in QUT's world-class recording studios with QUT songwriting and production staff and students.

Listen to Vermilion High Volume 1.


One lucky school student or band will have their music released professionally and a total of 10 students or bands will be selected to record their music.

All genres, bands and solo artists are welcome. Send in a demo of your original song (no covers) to receive feedback from QUT songwriting and production students and be considered for the opportunity to come into QUT’s world-class recording studios and have your song recorded and released by Vermilion Records.

If your song is chosen to be released, you will receive 100% of the publishing copyright.

Entrants will not receive monetary compensation for their involvement in Vermilion High, nor will Vermilion Records students.

How to participate

Applications are open now and close 3 May, 2021.

Complete the registration form and submit to

You will be contacted to submit your recorded demo. We don’t expect studio-quality but we need to be able to clearly hear and appraise your song.

Download forms (PDF file, 309.0 KB)

Download schedule (PDF file, 126.6 KB)

Write for Scratchthat

Scratchthat magazine publishes original work to showcase the burgeoning talents of QUT students. This year, high school students have the opportunity to submit their creative writing works.

Each student submission will receive feedback and advice on their writing provided by the Scratchthat team, even if it hasn’t been selected to be published. Vibrant written pieces such as short stories, excerpts, memoirs, interviews, poetry, non-fiction work and reviews up to 2,500 words or a maximum of five poems can be submitted.


Work with disrespectful language, racist, sexist, homophobic or bigoted content will not be published, unless the theme is destroying that discrimination. Work containing adult content must be appropriate for the magazine with all work will be evaluated for suitability.

  • Term 3 - submissions close 27 August 2021
  • Term 4 - submissions close 15 October 2021

Download registration forms below and submit entry to

Download forms (247 KB)

Workshops for high schools

We have a team of dedicated QUT Student Ambassadors who can collaborate with high school students and teachers to support learning at school or home. Connect sessions or workshops are delivered online by Blue Card holders with skills and experience aligned with each workshop’s creative discipline.

Creative Writing

We can offer a suite of online workshops that support the creative writing process. Workshops include:

  • Write What You Know - Learn how to use life experiences, events and memories to generate exciting ideas
  • Creating Characters - Create authentic, engaging characters readers will fall in love with
  • Place, Setting and Story - Learn to immerse readers in a world that feels fresh, believable and alive
  • Dialogue, Voice and Point of View - This workshop introduces three key elements of creative writing to develop narrative.
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Dance Choreography (Contemporary)

This workshop incorporates universal writing and learning, manipulating, structuring and performing choreography.

Discipline: Dance

Year level: 7-12 with relevant adjustments

Duration: 90 minutes

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Dance (Jazz choreography)

This workshop incorporates creating unusual shapes, patterns of movement and learning how a simple word or number can lead to movement.

Discipline: Dance.

Year level: 6-9

Duration: 90 minutes

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Design Connect and Collaborate Session

QUT School of Design Student Ambassadors can support design classes to support their learning.

Discipline: Design

Year level: 10-12

How it works
We thought it would be great idea if your students had someone other than teachers or parents to discuss their assessment with. Send through the assessment task and our Design Ambassadors will join your class for a free connect session.

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Design Drawing

This workshop teaches digital and analogue design skills. Find inspiration creating underlays, contour lines and rendering with guides on using Photoshop and developing colour schemes.

Discipline: Design

Year level: 11-12 with relevant adjustments

Duration: 60-90 minutes

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Ergonomics and Human Centred Design

Gain an overview of user-centred design principles. A hands-on design exercise explores these ideas through sketching and making.

Discipline: Design, Industrial Design

Year level: 10-12 with relevant adjustments

Duration: 90-120 minutes

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Fashion Visualisation

Develop skills to build a portfolio of practical work.

Discipline: Design, Fashion Design

Year level: 9-12 with relevant adjustments

Duration: 120-240 minutes

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Open Studio

This hands-on workshop is delivered in the QUT design studios seeking to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers and designers. Students will receive an introduction to design; exploring, imagining, creating, iterating and modelling.

Discipline Area: Design

Year level: 7-12 with relevant adjustments

Duration: 120 -240 minutes

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Students will develop the skills to write the base of a song, writing the lyrics and performing/recording their song.

Discipline Area: Music

Year level: 7-12 with relevant adjustments

Duration: 90-120 minutes

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Storytelling and Collaboration

Participants will be led through exercises that awaken the senses and encourage the development of the actor's imagination; contextualising the key elements that create drama.

Discipline Area: Acting, Drama

Year level: 7-12 with relevant adjustments

Duration: 60-90 minutes

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Sustainable Fashion: Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose

This workshop explores how garments can be repurposed with new design concepts applied.

Discipline: Design, Fashion Design

Year level: 9-12 with relevant adjustments

Duration: 90-120 minutes

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Visual Arts Tour and Workshop

Take a QUT Art Museum gallery tour, which is designed to foster discovery, critical thinking and imagination. Students can also create their very own art-inspired works at the exhibition workshops.

Discipline area: Visual Arts

Year level: 6-12

Duration: 60 minute tour and 60-90 minute workshop

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RealWorld Studio high school competition

RealWorld Studio is an annual competition hosted by QUT Creative Industries that showcases the creativity and talent of Queensland secondary school students. This year’s entries opened a window to rich performances, innovative designs and unique productions all responding to the environment.

See the finalists below.

School outreach

The QUT Creative Industries Faculty Widening Participation program aims to encourage students from under-represented school groups to build aspiration for post-school study.

We have a diverse program of curriculum-linked creative workshops to give students a ‘taster’ of what they can study at university.

Our experienced team of QUT Student Ambassadors bring our workshops directly to your classroom.

Visit our Creative Industries Precinct

QUT Creative Industries is a national and world leader in creative arts, media and design.

Our cutting-edge studios offer students and staff unparalleled access to state-of-art sound recording, visual art and design studios and exhibition spaces.

We offer on-campus secondary school workshops, tours, QUT productions and professional learning across a range of creative, design and communication disciplines to provide students with real world experiences that explore and develop creative passion.

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QUT Art Museum

QUT Art Museum offers a diverse suite of in-house curated exhibitions drawn from the university's extensive art collection as well as commissioned art projects, and touring exhibitions.

A wide range of opportunities are available for learners of all ages to engage with the arts, including exhibition tours for groups and hands-on workshops.

QUT Gardens Theatre

QUT Gardens Theatre hosts a year round calendar of dynamic plays, musical performances and other exciting shows and events.

La Boite Theatre Company

QUT's Creative Industries Precinct hosts La Boite Theatre Company. La Boite hosts shows year round suitable for audiences of all ages, alongside workshops for young artists, theatre makers and teachers.