In lieu of the in-person High School Research Internships program by STEM for Schools during the April school holidays, over 100 keen students attended a series of webinars to meet the researchers behind the placements. Below you will find the recorded sessions to gain some insight into the STEM research conducted at QUT.

Bacterial Pathogenesis (BacPath)
Presented by Associate Professor Makrina Totsika

The Genomics Research Centre
Presented by Paul Dunn

Institute for Future Environments - Solving Tomorrow’s Problems Today: Remote Sensing with Airborne Robots
Presented by Dr Dmitry Bratanov

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Modelling
Presented by Dr Elaine Mitchell

Cancer and Ageing Research Program (CARP)
Presented by Dr Joshua Burgess

Cannabidiol treatment of epilepsy in children
Presented by Professor Murray Mitchell

How cancer cells escape and survive therapy
Presented by Dr Jennifer Gunter

Natural Minerals in Environmental Remediation Placement
Presented by Associate Professor Yunfei Xi

Artificial Intelligence and Road Safety Placement
Presented by Dr Mahmoud Masoud and Dr Mohammed Elhenawy

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