Learn to code

The QUT Young Accelerators program is excited to invite you to our latest free online workshop - Fundamentals of Python using Turtle. Python is a common programming language and this introductory workshop is a great way for high school students in years 8-10 to start coding.

What will you learn?

Coding is a vital 21st century skill for anyone interested in working in a range of careers such as digital technologies, engineering, business, and even education. Once you understand the fundamentals of coding you can start to solve all sorts of problems. With more practice you could also get creative with making video games, solving maths problems and programming machines!

Facilitated by QUT STEM Ambassadors you will learn:

  • Python coding fundamentals using Turtle
  • About coding building blocks like functions and variables
  • Pseudocode and troubleshooting tips

You will then have all the skills needed to undertake some creative challenges.

This interactive session is 1 hour and best suitable for students in high school (years 8-10) who don't have any prior coding experience. Participants will need access to a computer with webcam and the ability to install software. Instructions to download Python will be provided prior to your registered session.

Session Dates & Times:

Sorry, no upcoming sessions are currently scheduled. We'll update this page as soon as we have more information.


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