Cube experiences

These 30-minute interactive experiences are available for students in Year 7-12.

To book a Cube experience, email


Code-A-Bot is an interactive digital game putting you in charge of programming robot workers to collect and sort rubbish, improving the overall efficiency of a waste recycling plant. Using The Cube's digital touch screens, robots can be coded to move, sense, and collect or distribute rubbish around the facility and into the correct bins. You can also work together with other players and their robots to improve efficiencies and achieve the best results to turn DERP (Department of Environmental Resource Processing) into a recycling plant for the future.

Physics Observatory

The Physics Observatory is a virtual feast allowing observers to experience some consequences of the laws of physics as they would be felt on other planets in our solar system. Students can run tests on falling objects and a pendulum under different gravity conditions, investigate an Orrery, and interact with sparks from Tesla's coils. The travel time for light photon from the sun to each planet is dramatically represented, as is Einstein's gravity well.

Dino Zoo

Our Dino Zoo is a scientifically accurate portrayal of 10 dinosaurs across 3 different continents during the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods. Students can excavate a virtual fossil, explore theories about dinosaur extinction, see the changes affecting the earth over the last 650 million years, and learn about the 10 dinosaurs that live at the virtual Dino Zoo.


ChemWorld displays information about 118 elements and around 50 associated compounds. Fun experiments introduce students to the thermodynamics of fuels used in rockets and the chemical reactions responsible for the colours of fireworks.

The Living Reef

A new Living Reef builds on the success of Virtual Reef released in 2013, with new environments, interactive learning experiences, and including the latest in reef science by QUT researchers. The Living Reef is an immersive underwater interactive experience of the Great Barrier Reef utilising complex artificial intelligence (AI) controlling their behaviours.

    Science and Engineering Centre tour

    Explore our new 5-star Green Building, one of the highest-rated 'green' buildings in Brisbane's CBD and home to The Cube and our Institute for Future Environments (IFE).

    You can book a Science and Engineering Centre tour by emailing, or download a self-guided school tour of the Science and Engineering Centre.