Workshop overview

Year level 11-12
Capacity 16-32 students. If you want to bring more students, email
When School days: Monday-Friday
Duration Half day
Where QUT Gardens Point, Science and Engineering Centre
Free (Late cancellation fees apply. Please see terms and conditions).

Workshop details

Students launch virtual rockets on The Cube and analyse the chemistry involved in getting a rocket into space.

They investigate fuel types and work out which fuel:oxygen ratio produces the most effective means of lift. They learn how to balance chemical equations to determine exhaust velocity, thrust and specific impulse, and then optimise their parameters in a competition for the best virtual rocket launch.

Topics covered in this workshop:

  • chemistry
  • physics
  • technology
  • introduction to balancing equations.

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Curriculum links


  • Newton's Three Laws of Motion describe the relationship between the force or forces acting on an object, modelled as a point mass, and the motion of the object due to the application of the force or forces (ACSPH063)
  • Vertical motion is analysed by assuming the acceleration due to gravity is constant near Earth's surface (ACSPH062)


  • Endothermic and exothermic reactions can be explained in terms of the Law of Conservation of Energy and the breaking and reforming of bonds; heat energy released or absorbed can be represented in thermochemical equations (ACSCH037)
  • Fuels, including fossil fuels and biofuels, can be compared in terms of their energy output, suitability for purpose, and the nature of products of combustion (ACSCH038)
  • A mole is a precisely defined quantity of matter equal to Avogadro’s number of particles; the mole concept and the Law of Conservation of Mass can be used to calculate the mass of reactants and products in a chemical reaction (ACSCH039)

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