Exoplanets: the hunt for new worlds

Workshop overview

Year level 11-12
Capacity 16-32 students. If you want to bring more students, email stemworkshops@qut.edu.au
When School days: Monday-Friday
Duration Half day
Where QUT Gardens Point, Science and Engineering Centre
Cost Free

Workshop details

In this exciting and thought-provoking workshop, students take the first steps to discover life on other planets.

They will learn what exoplanets are and how they are detected. They will find a real exoplanet and determine the characteristics of it and its host star, and calculate gravity, mass, density and even the composition of the planet using photometry in a quest to answer: 'Could this planet harbour life?'

Topics covered in this workshop:

  • astrophysics
  • technology
  • algebra
  • Doppler shift.

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Curriculum links


  • Represent data in meaningful and useful ways, including using appropriate SI units, symbols and significant figures; organise and analyse data to identify trends, patterns and relationships; identify sources of uncertainty and techniques to minimise these uncertainties; utilise uncertainty and percentage uncertainty to determine the uncertainty in the result of calculations, and evaluate the impact of measurement uncertainty on experimental results; and select, synthesise and use evidence to make and justify conclusions (ACSPH081)
  • Communicate to specific audiences and for specific purposes using appropriate language, nomenclature, genres and modes, including scientific reports (ACSPH085)
  • Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation is used to explain Kepler's laws of planetary motion and to describe the motion of planets and other satellites, modelled as uniform circular motion (ACSPH101)

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