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Mathematics workshops

Alien world

Year level
Year 8
Workshop activities
A new planet has been found! Investigate the strange creatures that live there to determine how their features and reproductive patterns determine their chances of survival
Curriculum alignment
Describe events using language of ‘at least’, exclusive ‘or’ (A or B but not both), inclusive ‘or’ (A or B or both) and ‘and’ (ACMSP205)
Represent events in two-way tables and Venn diagrams and solve related problems (ACMSP292)
Multi-cellular organisms contain systems of organs carrying out specialised functions that enable them to survive and reproduce (ACSSU150)

Carnival maths

Year level
Year 7
Workshop activities
Using well-loved carnival games students will learn about estimation, probability, statistics and profit/loss.
Curriculum alignment
Calculate mean, median, mode and range for sets of data. Interpret these statistics in the context of data (ACMSP171)
Calculate volumes of rectangular prisms (ACMMG160)

Return to Earth

Year level
Year 9-12
Workshop activities
Sats and Stats is an exciting game of exploration, settlement, science and engineering! Students take command of starships, satellites and research teams to explore a post-apocalyptic Earth, facing terrors and gathering data on their quest to dominate the planet. Multi-level diplomatic and social gameplay will keep students deeply engaged in the plight of the planet, and their collective choices will determine the future of the entire world.

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