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This on demand resource is part of the QUT STEM High School Engagement Teacher Professional Development ‘Physics Unit 4: The new stuff’ designed and delivered in 2019 to focus on new content on Special Relativity, Standard Model and Particle Interactions from Queensland’s Physics QCAA Syllabus Unit 4.

The PD session was filmed so that teachers who can’t attend on-campus workshops have an opportunity to explore this material. The workshop focuses on content theory, links to current research and resources that you can implement into your classroom to help your students understand the more abstract concepts from Revolutions in Modern Physics.

The workshop content covers:

  • big picture ideas behind the Revolutions in Physics
  • links to prerequisite knowledge from Units 2 and 3
  • 'define, recall, describe and explain' content from Special Relativity, Standard Model and Particle Interactions
  • applying knowledge to analyse and solve problems involving Special Relativity, Standard Model and Particle Interactions
  • investigative applications to astrophysics, GPS and CERN.

This session has been co-designed by academic staff, teachers and facilitated by our talented Student Ambassadors who are studying this content in degree courses at QUT.

Watch the videos and follow along with the additional learning resources to learn more about the new content in Physics: Unit 4.


Includes examples of activities and references to external resources ready to use in the classroom.

Video 1 Topics

  • Motion and Reference Frames
  • Special Relativity
  • Time Dilation

Video 2 Topics

  • Relativistic Mass
  • Length Contraction
  • Paradoxical Scenarios

Video 3 Topics

  • Standard Model
  • Particle Interactions

Additional Resources

  • Workshop PowerPoint Slides
  • Activity Workbook
  • Quark Cards - Printable Game


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Curriculum Links

Physics General Senior Syllabus 2019: Unit 4

Topic 1

  • Special relativity

Topic 3

  • The Standard Model
  • Particle interactions

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