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Have you ever wondered what’s happening within your electronic devices? How do inputs and outputs like buttons, sensors, lights and buzzers talk to each other to create interactive technology?

In this workshop you will play the role of an engineer and explore some of the ways in which electrical equipment and software are connected.

Taught by QUT STEM ambassadors, together we will learn to program an Arduino Microcontroller with Tinkercad and complete a series of hands-on challenges with real-world applications.

Throughout this course we will challenge you to build, troubleshoot and program your own electrical circuit. You will learn valuable skills which will enable you to tackle your own microcontroller projects (like fairy lights on trees) around the home and in your everyday life.

Course overview

Arduino Tinkercad is a nine-part self-guided journey delivered through a series of interactive video recordings with access to free Tinkercad software and QUT STEM High School Engagement dedicated Padlet.

Each video chapter is a mix of reading content, listening to audio and watching video. It is designed for you to work at your own pace and each lesson concludes with you applying your knowledge to create a new weekly project.

Whether you are a student, parent/guardian, teacher or lifelong learner there is no age limit on this program - anyone who wants to learn is welcome to give it a go!

Recommended course length is about 1 to 1.5 hours per week.

QUT STEM High School Engagement have set up an interactive Padlet where you can find out how to create a Tinkercad account, access keyword lists, troubleshooting tips, coding advice, and extra resources.

Watch the videos

Lesson #1: Introduction to Tinkercad

Lesson #5: Conditional Statements

Lesson #6: Buzzers and Switches

Lesson #7: LCD Screens

Lesson #8: Sensors

Lesson #9: A Final Project


We recommend you download the Student Course Overview with further information regarding learning hours and outcomes, links to the Arduino Tinkercad Padlet and information on study and career information for future coders and programmers.

Introduction to Arduino Tinkercad Student Course Overview

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