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This semester long unit seeks to embody the principles of STEM through a transdisciplinary unit combining Science, Technology, and Mathematics curriculum in an Engineering design task, based on a human anatomy context, combining coding with 3D printing, to produce a prosthetic limb.

The unit uses a biomechanical context as a platform for students in Years 9 to 10 to learn 3D modelling and design skills, program coding and electronic circuitry skills. This will differ from alternative models through its explicit cross-disciplinary nature to build student interest and performance.

The context for the unit is the development of a prosthetic limb (hand). The design is created using 3D CAD design software and printed using 3D printers. Arduino microprocessors are programmed to operate small motors (servo motors) that animate the fingers. The initial goal set for students is to implement coordinated action of the fingers.


This resource includes the following teaching resources ready to use in the classroom.

  • Unit Overview
  • Weekly workshop PowerPoint slides
  • Weekly teaching notes with details of class discussions, practical exercises and resources
  • Assessment materials
  • Student Activity Sheets


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Curriculum Links

  • Junior Science
  • Design and Technologies

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