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Student Learning Advisers

Student Learning Advisers (SLAs) are experienced students who offer peer support to other students. They can help you with your course, assignment or exam preparation questions. As the SLAs are business students they will understand your concerns and questions, and have the experience and ability to answer them. SLAs are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Learning advisers

Our professional Learning Advisers provide academic support across all disciplines for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. They can give you guidance in:

  • explaining task descriptions in plain English
  • planning
  • structuring assessment items
  • supporting views with evidence
  • understanding academic honesty and plagiarism.


We want you to succeed. Our scholarships can help you achieve your goals through financial support, work experience and exciting networking opportunities.

We have scholarships for our students including for international students, women, students experiencing financial hardship, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and specific courses and study areas.

Apply and find the scholarship that takes your success to the next level.

International student support

When you study with us, we can provide you tailored support as an international student to ensure you can succeed in your studies.

Find international student support options

Business Smart

Business Smart is a series of workshops and activities offered each semester. It helps you develop necessary academic skills, connects you to our community and helps you to successfully progress through your business studies. You can join this free program at any stage during your degree.

Career planning

Career development support with our expert staff is available for all students. You can attend group sessions or discussions on résumé writing, interviews and other career development skills. See what part-time and full-time work is available to students through The QUT CareerHub.

We also host an annual careers fair for our students. Meet with organisations who are promoting their employment opportunities, and attend employer presentations to help you prepare for your career.

‘I have connected with lecturers and tutors who are always happy to give advice about my career path.'
Madhushri Banerjee
Master of Business (Strategic Advertising)

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