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30 October, 2020

How COVID all but killed the Australian CBD

City by city, the data on CBD visitors vary with the severity of COVID-19 outbreaks and restrictions. But none of the CBDs has recovered former activity levels, and some might never fully recover.


28 October, 2020

Artificial intelligence making waves in the cruise industry

While you sit there dreaming of your next holiday or planning your next cruise, you may be surprised to know Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a bigger role in your trip then you thought.

Marketing Innovation and technology

27 October, 2020

Go out and yarn: community engagement insights into progressing reconciliation

Hear from Bachelor of Business (Marketing) alumni and Community Engagement leader, Bianca Graham on reconciliation and community engagement insights.

Strategy Nonprofit and philanthropy Marketing Indigenous business

26 October, 2020

Gaming the board: Crown Resorts shows you just can't bet on 'independent' directors

Cosy personal relationships among the corporate elite abound. So what makes an independent director actually independent?


1 October, 2020

Creativity, community and impact: The value of creativity in innovation

bizartX co-founders share their insights on the value of creativity in innovation culture.

Entrepreneurship Leadership and management Strategy Innovation and technology

30 September, 2020

Climate explained: are consumers willing to pay more for climate-friendly products?

Our intention to buy climate-friendly products does not always match our buying behaviour, especially when we pay more for such products.

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