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10 January, 2022

How A QUT MBA Helped This Accountant Pull Off A $47million IPO

Chief Financial Officer and QUT MBA James Frayne said the opportunity to be part of an IPO was the highlight of his career to date, which wouldn’t have been possible without an MBA.

Entrepreneurship MBA

7 December, 2020

Value of upcycling: using upcycled products to develop a sustainable brand message

Sustainability is a value a brands now want to align themselves with. But how do you deliver on that brand value with your product range. Hear fashion upcycling success stories and strategies to communicate your sustainable message.

Marketing Entrepreneurship

1 October, 2020

Creativity, community and impact: The value of creativity in innovation

bizartX co-founders share their insights on the value of creativity in innovation culture.

Entrepreneurship Leadership and management Strategy Innovation and technology

7 September, 2020

AI-enabled analysis of entrepreneurial language on Twitter reveals entrepreneurial hotspots

Can Twitter inform us where entrepreneurship flourishes and the connection between entrepreneurship hot spots and region economic viability?


28 May, 2020

Making decisions as an entrepreneur – the role of entrepreneurial risk management

Successful entrepreneurs master risk management in their decision making. By seeking non-traditional solutions, entrepreneurs develop their abilities and mindset to make calculated decisions.

Entrepreneurship Strategy

7 May, 2020

Parallels of extreme adventure and isolation

Hear from QUT’s Entrepreneur-in-residence and extreme adventurer, Eleanor Carey on the mindset life cycle of physical isolation and then life returning back to normal.


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