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20 May, 2021

Men are from Mars, women are from… Mars? How people choose partners is surprisingly similar (but depends on age)

Each year, more and more people are looking to dating apps to find a partner. And a trove of data from these users is finally revealing what men and women really want.


13 January, 2021

How SMEs can avoid the cash-flow crunch

SAP ANZ’s CFO, Gina McNamara, analyses research by SAP and Oxford Economics into the challenges faced by small and mid-size businesses, and how can technology can help.

Economy Accounting

24 July, 2020

COVID-19’s economic impact could be stressing out our kids

The effects of economic stress on children are big. Parents' anxiety about their financial situation is equivalent to the effect of a divorce, and is likely at play amid COVID-19.


30 June, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the future of retail: there’s plenty more automation in store

Australian supermarket giant Woolworths has announced its single biggest investment in logistics infrastructure, spending A$780 million to replace up to 1,300 workers with robots.

Economy Innovation and technology

12 April, 2019

Women economists are critical for our economic future

It has long been recognised by economists that gender equity is good for the economy. The benefit of successful policies to empower women to participate equally in the global economy could be the addition of $28 trillion to global GDP growth by 2025.


17 January, 2019

Brexit: What it entails and why

Since the Brexit vote two years ago, the negotiations between Britain and the EU have been about finding the best solution for both partners.


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