Author: Ruth Knight

22 February, 2021

Engaging and retaining volunteers during a global pandemic

Retain and engaging volunteers has always been a challenge for organisations that depend on a consistent and skilled volunteer workforce, even before the pandemic. Hear strategies and real examples in future proofing your charity.

Nonprofit and philanthropy

19 January, 2021

Social enterprise is growing in Queensland. But what's influencing the boom and investment in the sector?

So what does the Brisbane and Queensland landscape look like and making social enterprise career pivots, a career move worth making?

Nonprofit and philanthropy

15 January, 2021

Do social enterprises use marketing to create social change?

Dr Ruth Knight shares her insights for social enterprises and increasing their effectiveness in utilising the power of responsible marketing.

Nonprofit and philanthropy

6 June, 2019

Modern slavery

Australia has a Modern Slavery Act. Does it affect you? You might be surprised.

Nonprofit and philanthropy

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