Author: Brett Martin

24 November, 2021

The benefits and challenges of using AI to improve online dating

Technology has been used for years to help people meet prospective partners. With the advent of apps, how has AI been used to both help and hinder matches?

Innovation and technology

19 August, 2021

How AI-powered tools can boost productivity

Artificial Intelligence is often seen as a threat to our workforce. But what if we can embrace AI to enhance our productivity and professional capabilities?

Marketing Innovation and technology

7 June, 2021

Queensland biofutures: convincing consumers about bioplastic products

Explore how factors and models influence changing consumer behaviour towards bioplastic products and how that could create more Queensland jobs.


4 May, 2021

Upcycling for corporate branding: Pivoting in the sustainable direction at a company and industry level

Upcycling doesn’t have to be limited to the branding of products. Upcycling can also be used to boost corporate branding as well.

Marketing Environment and energy

12 January, 2021

To go smart or be smart: How can Australians protect their privacy within their ‘smart’ homes?

As people stayed within their homes during the pandemic, they were busy rewiring and improving their homes for maximum convenience. However, is there a downside to this technology in the home?

Marketing Innovation and technology

7 December, 2020

Value of upcycling: using upcycled products to develop a sustainable brand message

Sustainability is a value a brands now want to align themselves with. But how do you deliver on that brand value with your product range. Hear fashion upcycling success stories and strategies to communicate your sustainable message.

Marketing Entrepreneurship

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