Real-world experience

'My passion for international development was sparked during a four-week mission to work with the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. It was during this time, working alongside my Indonesian counterparts, that I concluded that my time and skills could make a far larger impact working in public policy in a developing country than in the Australia government. I have subsequently lived and worked in Indonesia, Nigeria and Ecuador, and completed projects with the World Bank in Angola and Rwanda.'

Andrew Blackman

Hands-on learning

'My international business major proved to be an incredible conduit to the world of global commerce. The field of study provides a well-rounded and holistic foundation of business knowledge, covering areas such as supply chains and logistics, import, export and market entry strategy, as well as the role of global financial systems in business decisions both domestic and abroad. As a strategy analyst at L'Oreal, I have been fortunate enough to find challenging work with opportunities that extend globally.'

Liam Dillon

Real-world lecturers

Dr Charmaine Glavas is a senior lecturer in the QUT Business School, who is passionate about strengthening ties between students and international business experts to create authentic, innovative, and engaging learning opportunities. With connections to the Export Council of Australia, Trade and Investment Queensland, and a number of small businesses, she connects students with industry through real-world assessment, internship opportunities and student competitions.

Dr Glavas has been accredited by the Cultural Intelligence Center, USA (CQ), which gains her students access to exclusive training that prepares them for the real world by ensuring they have the ability to adapt, relate, and work effectively with teams across cultures.

Career outcomes

  • Business analyst
  • Diplomat
  • International business specialist