Real-world experience

'Studying finance at QUT definitely broadened my thinking beyond textbooks and the classroom. I found that employers really valued the qualifications I had attained and made it that much easier to find a job at the end of my studies.'

Fabiola Richards

Hands-on learning

'Student-managed investment fund units let us explore our curiosities and make real investment decisions. Our assessments included pitching our recommendations to the investment advisory committee. We produced reports for the committee, and it felt like real industry work.'

Jack Connolly

Real-world lecturers

Professor Adam Clements is a lecturer and researcher in the School of Economics and Finance whose work focuses on modelling and forecasting financial risk. Professor Clements is currently involved in an industry project to improve financial lending decisions for agricultural production, as well as teaching a third-year unit on Financial Modelling and coding where students will learn the fundamentals of computer coding and develop the skills to model financial data to support investment decisions.

Career outcomes

  • Business analyst
  • Commercial banking professional
  • Corporate treasurer
  • Financial project manager
  • Foreign exchange dealer
  • Insurance professional
  • Investment analyst
  • Investment banker
  • Investment manager
  • Risk manager
  • Stockbroker