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Recent secondary education

Apply to get into QUT based on your high school results, completed this year or in the last two years. This also includes students who have done vocational education and training (VET) study at school.

How to apply with recent secondary education

Higher education study

Apply based on completed or partially completed degree studies at QUT or another university, including enabling courses (also known as bridging or tertiary preparation courses) offered by higher education providers.

How to apply with higher education study

Vocational education and training (VET) study

Apply based on any post-school vocational education and training (VET) study at TAFE or other VET providers.

How to apply with VET study

Work and life experience

Apply based on experience you’ve developed during your professional life, or your Year 12 high school results from more than two years ago.

How to apply with work and life experience

Creative Industries additional entry

Additional entry refers to Creative Industries courses that require you to complete an interview, audition, or portfolio in order to apply for the course.

The application process and dates for these courses may also differ, and in some cases you may have to apply to both QTAC and QUT for your course.

Additional entry requirements

Ready to apply?

If you've checked out the best way for you to apply to QUT, follow our step-by-step applying guide and get started on your future.

Undergraduate applying guide

What happens next?

Find out what happens after you submit your application to QTAC, including information about changing your preferences and receiving your offer.

Your next steps

Need help getting in?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Our Oodgeroo Unit offers the Centralised Assessment Selection Program (CASP), which can help you get into university based on any previous study you’ve done, as well as your personal achievements.

About CASP

Adjustment schemes

We have adjustment schemes for elite athletes and students with difficult circumstances. You may also get an adjustment depending on the subjects you studied at high school.

Explore adjustment schemes

Worried you won't get in?

If you're concerned your results won't be good enough to get into your preferred course, there are other pathways open to you. Find out how you can still get into the course you want.

Helping you get into your course

Preparatory studies

Bridging programs

We offer short programs in physics, chemistry and Maths B. Studying these programs can help you develop the understanding you need to meet assumed knowledge or prerequisites for your course.

Explore bridging programs