Admission pathways

We offer admission pathways that may improve your chances of getting into the course you want via the Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC).

Some of our admission pathways give you an adjustment to your selection rank (or OP equivalent). You can apply for as many of these adjustments as you're eligible for, and can receive up to a maximum of 10 ranks (equivalent to 5 OP bands).

You will need to apply separately for these pathways, so make sure you check the details.

Students with difficult circumstances: Educational Access Scheme

If you've experienced difficult circumstances that have impacted on your studies, you can receive an adjustment to your OP or selection rank, or a scholarship.

Elite athlete entry scheme

If you're a state or national level athlete or a coach or referee within national or international level competitions, you can apply for an adjustment of up to 6 selection ranks (equivalent to 3 OP bands) and have access to a range of support services to assist you with future sporting commitments.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students: Centralised Assessment Selection Program (CASP)

If you're an Aboriginal person or Torres Strait Islander, this admission pathway can give you a better chance of getting into the course you want, as well as a bursary to help with study or living costs.

Aerospace Studies, Engineering Technology, Maths C, Physics, Languages other than English (LOTE) students: Year 12 subject scheme

If you've completed certain subjects at school, or university level units, we'll give you an adjustment of up to 2 selection ranks per subject (maximum 8 ranks).

Worried you won't get into the course you want?

If you're not sure that your OP or selection rank will help you get into your chosen course, there are other admission pathways available to help you get to uni.



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