Studying in our Science and Engineering Faculty offers unique learning experiences, outstanding research opportunities, and real-world experience so that you can become sought after in the global workforce. Study in our award-winning Science and Engineering Centre, which features innovative technologies that support collaborative learning and research.

Research with QUT science and engineering

You may be able to apply for research-based projects and arrange to work with a QUT academic advisor, depending on your academic background. Explore the available student topics within the Science and Engineering Faculty.

Short-term research with science and engineering

Science and engineering units you can choose

Select from a range of world-class schools within the Science and Engineering Faculty. Choose your own study adventure from 11 study areas.

Important things to note

If you study one of our one-off engineering practical units (EGB, ENB and ENN units) you can change your practical classes up to the end of week 13 as long as places are available.

Approved units

All students can study these units, regardless of your academic background. These units will be approved on your QUT study plan after you apply.

Units requiring approval

Students need specific academic background knowledge to study these units, so the Science and Engineering Faculty will assess your eligibility and determine if you’re able to take these units after you apply. We will let you know the outcome through the application portal as soon as possible.

Apply for study abroad or exchange

Now that you know what you will study, applying is easy.

Learn how to apply

Need more information?

If you have questions about choosing units, get in touch with the QUT Global team and we’ll gladly help you out.