Develop a strong understanding and foundational knowledge of contemporary law and justice while you study in Australia’s largest law school. We are recognised for our practical, real-world legal training delivered in high quality, city-based learning facilities.

Test your courtroom skills

The QUT Law Society Inc. runs a Moot Club and holds workshops for students to improve their skills. Argue your case in QUT's Moot Court.

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Law and justice units you can choose

Gain an Australian perspective on law and the justice system. Create your own law and justice study abroad or exchange semester from the units below. Or, why not select one of the seven approved packages? You don't need previous studies in law or justice for many of the units and packages.

Important things to note

Undergraduate students cannot enrol in postgraduate units. Capstone and honours units are not available as part of our study abroad and exchange program.

Approved units

All students can study these units, regardless of your academic background. These units will be approved on your QUT study plan after you apply.

Units requiring approval

Students need specific academic background knowledge to study these units, so the faculty will assess your eligibility and determine if you’re able to take these units after you apply. We will let you know the outcome through the application portal as soon as possible.

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Now that you know what you will study, applying is easy.

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Need more information?

If you have questions about choosing units, get in touch with the QUT Global team and we’ll gladly help you out.