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International Baccalaureate studies

If you have completed an International Baccalaureate Diploma, you can apply for academic credit (advanced standing) for a range of our undergraduate units.

You can receive credit up to the equivalent of a full-time semester of university study (4 units) towards your degree, depending on the structure of the degree program.

You'll need to apply for credit (advanced standing) after you've received an offer and enrolled at QUT.

Subjects and minimum requirements for credit (advanced standing)

IB subjectMinimum grade requiredQUT course credits
SL Biology6Foundations of Biology: BVB101
HL Biology4Evolution: BVB102
SL Chemistry6General Chemistry: CVB101
HL Chemistry4General Chemistry: CVB101
Chemical Structure and Reactivity: CVB102
SL Computer Science6Building IT Systems: IFB104
HL Computer Science4Building IT Systems: IFB104
HL Economics 6 Economics: BSB113
HL English6Great Books: Creative Writing Classics: KWB2017
SL Mathematics4Introductory Calculus and Algebra: MXB100
HL Mathematics4

Introductory Calculus and Algebra: MXB100

Introductory Engineering Mathematics: MZB125

HL Music4Unspecified 12 credit points
SL Physics6Physics of the Very Large: PVB101
HL Physics4

Physics of the Very Large: PVB101

Physics of the Very Small: PVB102