International opportunities

We offer an extensive range of possibilities to enhance your international capabilities, networks and industry and research. We encourage you to consider complementing your STEM degree with an international experience before you graduate.


After your first year with us, you can choose to undertake one or two semesters of study at one of our science and technology-focused exchange partner universities around the world.

Exchange lets you tap into alternative teaching approaches, niche study areas, new learning and cultural environments, and connections with a wider range of peers.


Internships offer the best of both worlds - gain international experience while you develop practical skills with an industry- or lab-based internship.

We have exciting opportunities specifically for students in our faculty based in eminent research and industry environments in places like Japan, Germany, Canada and France.

Short-term opportunities

Short-term programs, including summer and winter schools, offer a great alternative to a full semester abroad. Programs usually run from one to six weeks, can be discipline-specific, intercultural or language-training oriented. They offer you the chance to gain invaluable practical and intercultural experience.

Connect with us

Our international experiences are designed to open many doors and to enrich your experience as a QUT student.

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