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School of Information Systems

We want to change the world by connecting processes, information, services and people. We aim to set the template for the future of this field through excellent teaching, research and services for industry.

Our staff

Explore our staff profiles to discover the amazing work of our research and teaching staff. We invite you to connect with our staff community.

Meet our team

Our achievements

Leading research

We're regarded as one of the leading academic institutions in the world based on our business process management research capabilities and impact.

Successful students

Our students have been awarded the best Australian PhD thesis in Information Systems by the Australian Council of Professors and Heads of Information Systems.

Academic contributors

We frequently publish in renowned journals including Decision Support Systems, ICIS and Information Systems.

Real-world partners

At the nexus of a business and technical focus, we work with partners in government and industries ranging from insurance to health care.

What is information systems?

Information systems employs methods and techniques from the social sciences, mathematics, and computer science to help organisations work smarter and more efficiently.

People working in information systems develop and evaluate solutions to meet organisational needs, such as new business processes, services or tools.

Our school focuses on the empirical and technical aspects of strategy, analysis, design, implementation, operation, use and impact of information systems.

Our teaching, research and professional practices prioritise different specialised areas including:

  • business process management
  • enterprise architecture and systems
  • information management
  • process automation and mining
  • social media/networks.

Our courses

Business Process Management

We're one of only a handful of universities in the world that offers a dedicated masters course in Business Process Management (BPM). The key distinguishing factors of our BPM education are:

  • a solid curriculum through staff contribution
  • established and popularised research findings
  • industry developments from our research and industry connections.
Master of Business Process Management

Data Analytics

"There is a large and growing demand in industry for skilled data analytic professionals. Organisations need to unlock the value of data to make better decisions to be more effective and efficient. We are excited to offer our new data analytics courses to provide our graduates with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills to keep them at cutting edge of this rapidly evolving field."

Dr Helen Thompson - Senior Lecturer in Statistics

Master of Data Analytics

Information Technology

"I chose QUT based on reputation. The infrastructure and the lab facilities were great. I'm now with Google and get to enjoy lots of travel. It has, hands-down, the best company culture with constant learning opportunities."

David Wearing

Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems)

Our research

Our research is dedicated to understanding, explaining, predicting and guiding the impact of IT-enabled business processes, services and information on societies, corporations and individuals.

Our key research areas include:

  • business process management
  • information science
  • service science.

We frequently publish in renowned journals including:

We have worked with partners in government and industries ranging from insurance to health care, including:

  • Bank of Queensland
  • Brisbane Airport Corporation
  • Queensland Government
  • Suncorp.

Our study

Our high-quality information systems curriculum is constantly evolving, as we incorporate the latest knowledge and practices into our teaching and learning.

Our students go on to work in positions such as:

  • business process analyst
  • business or systems analyst
  • consultant
  • enterprise architect
  • IT project manager
  • solutions architect.

The Australian Government expects the largest jobs growth towards 2020 will be in professional, scientific and technical services, including information and communications technology roles.

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