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Our research programs are leading the way in advancements in the fields of robotics, 'big data', autonomous systems, information security and computer-human interaction – areas which are now of profound importance to society and industry.

Our research capabilities are matched by our reputation for delivering practical education of the highest quality. Students in our school learn from experienced lecturers and professors who work at the forefront of science and engineering, and who know what it takes to succeed in the real world.


Our expert team of researchers and teaching staff, including Head of School and discipline leaders.

Computer human interaction discipline

Our discipline is focused on human-machine interaction, including games research, participatory design, and software engineering (e-science).

Data science discipline

Our research and teaching is in the analysis and understanding of the relationships embedded within large-scale data sets. Areas of focus include information retrieval, data mining, web intelligence, and bioinformatics, with specific emphasis on real-world applications.

Information security discipline

We are Australia's leading academic research group in information security, and our work includes research and teaching in cryptography, network security, digital forensics, and information security management.

Power engineering discipline

Our cutting-edge energy research specialises in advancing energy efficiency, and includes work in distribution planning, power systems, power electronics, high voltage, and superconducting.

Robotics and autonomous systems discipline

The key goal of our discipline is to create robots that can operate in and interact with the world in the same complex ways as humans. Our research in this area has practical applications in industries like agriculture and neuroscience, and will lead to robots that can understand complex and unstructured real-world environments.

Vision and signal processing discipline

Research in this discipline includes computer vision, machine learning, pattern recognition, and signal processing. We develop systems that can infer, extract meaning, identify underlying structures, and recognise people and their activities across a large variety of environments.


School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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