Science and Engineering

School of Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences

About the school

Our school brings together scientists and engineers to conduct interdisciplinary research that addresses global challenges, ranging from food security to climate change-related environmental concerns.

We deliver a quality learning experience to students by integrating our research into undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programs.


Our expert team of researchers and teaching staff, including Head of School and discipline leaders.

Genetics and biotechnology disciplines

We undertake research in all major aspects of non-human biology, including genetics and genomics, ecology, evolutionary biology, and physiology.

Geology and geochemistry discipline

Our research assesses the global environment, explores the dynamics and timescales of earth processes, and studies material and energy exchanges within our planet.

Sustainable environments discipline

We take an integrated systems approach to environmental studies; we explore, examine and map natural and modified (agricultural and urban) environments, human interactions and societal impacts, to find sustainable real-world solutions.


School of Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences

  • Level 3, R Block, Room 302
    Gardens Point