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Extinct giant kangaroos

Manuela Cascini and Associate Professor Matthew Phillips worked with University of Adelaide researchers to reveal the closest living relative of the giant short-faced kangaroo. Their research into the extinct kangaroos was published in the Systematic Biology journal.

Read about their research

3D-printed implants

Naomi Paxton was named the 2019 Student Leader of the Year. Her biomanufacturing research has opened the door for 3D-printed scaffolds that encourage bone regeneration, helping people who have lost bone as a result of accidents, birth defects or diseases.

Read about Naomi's achievements

Innovative koala tracking

Evangeline Corcoran works with a team that's combining machine learning and drones to count wildlife in a faster, more accurate and less invasive method. Evangeline was recently invited to chair a panel in the World of Drones Congress in Brisbane.

Read about Evangeline's experience at QUT

Robots that read your face

Humans are irrational to a robot right now, but Lauren Fell is creating a framework that will help robots understand how humans make decisions based on facial cues. She is using theories of quantum physics to explain how we perceive faces.

Read about Lauren's robot friend, Andy

Reinventing the wheel

Troy Cordie is completing his thesis in modular field robotics with CSIRO's Data61. His work revolves around the NeWheel; a robotic wheel module that can allow robots to be customised to suit certain terrains and tasks.

Read about Troy's research

Studying volcanic rock

Robert Emo is working with Professor Balz Kamber to uncover the mysteries hidden within Australia's volcanic rocks. Data from these rocks, which can originate from 30km beneath the Earth's surface, can affect how we prepare for our planet's future.

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