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Business Process Management (BPM) is a set of structured methods and technologies for increasing the operational performance of organisations.

Recent studies report that BPM has become a top priority across all industries. Professionals who can combine managerial and IT skills to enhance process performance are in high demand.



Our discipline is regarded as one of the leading BPM research groups in the world.

We cover both technical and business aspects of BPM using conceptual-analytical and empirical research. We're known for our involvement in workflow patterns research and the open source workflow environment YAWL.

Members of our discipline have authored some of the world's leading BPM textbooks and have been invited as keynote speakers to some of the most prestigious BPM conferences in the world.

Process data analysis

In the area of big process data, we are working on process mining in areas like insurance claims processing and patient flow analysis, where event logs are analysed for evidence-based process improvement.

This requires sophisticated real-time analysis techniques for predictive monitoring combined with interactive, insightful visualisations.

Process modelling

We’re working on problems related to managing large collections of process models, which organisations tend to create thousands of over time.

Examples would include:

  • process model merging and versioning
  • refactoring of a process model collection
  • searching within process models.

Process-based transformation

Beyond the management of transactional process performance, our researchers are working on how to improve transformational process performance based on the design and successful utilisation of process based innovation systems.

We are working on methods including:

  • opportunity-driven process improvement
  • positive process deviants
  • rapid process redesign methodologies.


Improved business decision-making via liquid process model collections

Project leader

Associate Professor Marcello La Rosa



Project summary

This project aims to develop an innovative approach to create and update as necessary the large collection of business process models that represent a complex organisation, so that this collection captures the actual way in which the organisation performs its business processes.

Deploying theoretical, conceptual and empirical research, this project aims to capitalise on the value hidden in large process data, as recorded in event logs. The approach is intended to be implemented in an open-source technology to facilitate advanced investigations and predictions that can ultimately lead to better strategic decision-making. This technology also has the potential to become a research-enabling tool for the large research community in business process management.

Industry-informed research projects

Some of our other funded research projects delivering outcomes for industry are:

  • QLD Accelerate Partnership: Exposing Insurance Claims Processing Impediments, 2014 - 2017
  • Brisbane Airport Corporation: Analytics for Major Project Risk and Opportunity Management, 2016 - 2017
  • Cooperative Research Centre on Optimal Resource Extraction (CREore): Data-Driven Models, 2017 - 2018.
  • Motor Accident Insurance Commission, Queensland Ambulance Service: Pre-Hospital Retrieval and Transport Process Analysis, 2018-2019.

Interdisciplinary and inter-institution projects

Some of the projects we are contributing to with other disciplines and institutions are:

  • Towards engineering behavioural research design systems, 2015-2017
  • Business process decomposition, 2013-2015

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