Science and Engineering

Research areas

We excel in nationally relevant areas of research. Our focus within a wide range of specialist areas means we can apply our research across various industries, as well as benefit the wider community.

Chemistry, physics and mechanical engineering

Our research focuses on innovations in health, the environment, and sustainable resources, in areas ranging from the development of new medical treatments and devices to the identification and assessment of pollutants and air quality.

Civil engineering and the built environment

Through our research, we drive environmentally-conscious industry development and productivity gains in the fields of building, construction and transport.

Earth, environmental and biological sciences

Our innovative research in this area investigates real-world problems, including food security challenges and climate change-related environmental issues, and aims to develop solutions.

Electrical engineering and computer science

Our research leads advancements in various fields, ranging from robotics and autonomous systems through to information security and computer human interaction.

Information systems

We are dedicated to understanding, explaining, predicting and guiding the impact of IT-enabled business processes, services and information, and our research provides valuable insight and real-world applications for individuals, organisations, and society.

Mathematical sciences

We are one of the leading mathematical sciences groups in Australia, conducting advanced research that addresses a number of real-world challenges.


Science and Engineering research office

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    Gardens Point