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Plant biotechnology

The long-term sustainability of Australia's agricultural and energy resources are a national priority. With changing environmental conditions and an evolving free-trade world, finding ways to protect our food security is of vital importance.

Ensuring our food security

Improving pest management is becoming more important with the growth of global trade. We're developing advanced techniques for disease diagnosis and control to strengthen crops and increase resilience.

Our biotechnology research focuses on tropical crops and related pests including:

  • banana
  • sugarcane
  • chickpea
  • mungbean
  • tropical fruits
  • tropical livestock
  • fish and crustaceans.

Genetic manipulation of specific crops or livestock is improving nutritional status, increasing disease resistance and improving stress tolerance.

We're improving the sustainability of specific industries by developing diversified products from single crops or harvest by-products, including manufacturing high-value 'green' chemicals from the by-products of sugar production.

Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities (CTCB)

Specialising in tropical agriculture and the high-value biocommodities sector, the Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities (CTCB) is making a significant contribution to improving tropical agriculture in Australia and developing countries in Africa, India and South-East Asia.

CTCB brings together an interdisciplinary mix of international expertise in:

  • plant biotechnology
  • process engineering
  • industrial chemistry
  • commercialisation.

We've created a continuum of research and development from laboratory through to finished products.

CTCB takes advantage of Queensland's:

  • ideal climate
  • cutting-edge research facilities
  • world-leading expertise and capability in the field of tropical crop science.

Working closely with industry partners, research funding bodies and other research providers, the centre is delivering international research and consulting solutions in biotechnology and biomass processing.