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Our researchers collaborate on projects in specialised research groups and facilities across disciplines and institutions.

The Natural Edge Project

The Natural Edge Project (TNEP) was a collaborative partnership for research, education, policy development, and strategy for sustainable development, spanning 2002 – 2015.

Next Generation Mungbean

Next Generation Mungbean Research Data

Housing Innovation

Climate change, resource depletion and increasing urbanisation world-wide are driving the continual escalation of the environmental standards to be achieved in the way we design, construct and operate buildings.

Energy efficiency education resources for engineering

Achieve drastic energy efficiency improvements to benefit the environment, economy and our quality of life.

QUT Lighting

The QUT Lighting Group offers educational programs, testing and calibration services through our certified QUT Photometric Laboratory. We also provide research, consultancy and development services to government and the lighting industry.

Australian ePortfolio Project

The project seeks to build on the work undertaken in the Australian ePortfolio Project by enhancing the use of ePortfolios in Australian universities to benefit individual students, the quality of learning and the value of higher education outcomes, thereby contributing to the competiveness of Australian graduates in a global employment market.

SCADA Cyber Security Laboratory

SCADA Cyber Security Laboratory research at QUT

Plant Nutrients and Nutrition

Plant Nutrients and Nutrition Research (PNAN) focus area is housed within the Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities (CTCB) and the Institute for Future Environments (IFE) at QUT.

Medical Physics

QUT Medical Physics, research is currently being undertaken to improve and understand the way that radiation therapy beams from linear accelerators interact with the human body

Net Lenses

Using a phenomenographic approach, doctoral research (2000-2004) has revealed that university students have varying ways of experiencing web-based information searching.

Airports of the Future

Airports of the Future Group continues improving operations, security, and experience through collaborative research.

The Cube3: Designing for Learning in The Cube

This blog describes the adventures of a band of merry researchers as we embark on the third leg of our research journey into The Cube - one of the largest digital interactive learning environments in the world. This leg of our journey investigates how The Cube is being used in higher education. You are welcome to follow – and contribute to - our adventure as it unfolds.

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