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Our researchers collaborate on projects in specialised research groups and facilities across disciplines and institutions.

Quantitative Applied Spatial Ecology Group

The questions we are researching revolve around wildlife management, biodiversity, invasive species and food security

The Natural Edge Project

The Natural Edge Project (TNEP) was a collaborative partnership for research, education, policy development, and strategy for sustainable development, spanning 2002 – 2015.

Next Generation Mungbean

Next Generation Mungbean Research Data

Medical Physics

QUT Medical Physics, research is currently being undertaken to improve and understand the way that radiation therapy beams from linear accelerators interact with the human body

Sustainable Agroecosystems

Managing our soil and water for food and fibre security

Net Lenses

Using a phenomenographic approach, doctoral research (2000-2004) has revealed that university students have varying ways of experiencing web-based information searching.

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

QUT’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems research focuses on the development of technology that can be used to improve our understanding and management of the world around us and will benefit humanity.

Airports of the Future

Airports of the Future Group continues improving operations, security, and experience through collaborative research.


Our research involves an analysis of people and their behaviours, particularly within engaging situations and contexts.

QUT Lighting

The QUT Lighting Group offers educational programs, testing and calibration services through our certified QUT Photometric Laboratory. We also provide research, consultancy and development services to government and the lighting industry.

Biofuel Engine Research Facility

Australia\'s largest biofuel production testing facility, specialising in engine performance testing and biofuels emissions testing.

Applied Data Mining

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