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Research areas

Chemistry, physics and mechanical engineering

We have a strong focus on cutting edge-materials science and engineering research, biomedical and health technologies, and advanced computational modelling and simulation.

In 2016 we were awarded over $14M in research income to help us tackle problems at the frontiers of science and engineering, and deliver innovations that will help people, the economy and the environment.

Research disciplines

Civil engineering and built environment

Our research drives environmentally-conscious industry development and productivity gains in the fields of building, construction and transport. We focus on innovative responses to existing and emerging community, commercial and industrial challenges.

We do this through partnerships based in well-supported research and development centres and facilities, from our Transport Research Group where we develop better transport solutions, to our building materials testing facilities, where we test for resilience against fire and natural disasters.

Research disciplines

Earth, environmental and biological sciences

Our research tackles challenges that affect the safety and security of people and the planet, from food security and climate change, to feeding the world's booming population and managing scarce natural resources.

We're working in world-class facilities including the Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities and the Central Analytics Research Facility on issues like crop protection and improvement, and working in the field to better understand current issues like the ecology of the Great Barrier Reef and global water resources, as well as discovering new species.

Research disciplines

Electrical engineering and computer science

Our researchers develop future energy systems and clean technologies, intelligent interfaces and machines that are responsive to people and their environments, and systems that protect critical information and communication networks.

We collaborate at the frontiers of innovation and technology across our six complementary disciplines, making the most of our individual and collective capabilities to solve national and global challenges for our research partners.

Research disciplines

Information systems

Our research focuses on the business and technical aspects of strategy, design, implementation, operation, use and impact of information systems.

At the nexus of a business and technical focus, we are well positioned to work with partners in government and industries ranging from insurance to health care.

We frequently publish in renowned international research journals and our work is recognised as world-leading across the information systems disciplines.

Research disciplines

Mathematical science

We are one of the leading mathematical sciences groups in Australia.
One of our focus areas is big data, and the fundamental challenges involved with turning data into knowledge.

We conduct our research in world-class facilities, including the $20 million ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers.

Industry partners and government agencies work with us to solve challenges in areas ranging from health care to machine learning and the environment.

Research disciplines

Institutes, centres and facilities

We are home to many institutes and centres that feature world-class facilities and infrastructure, that allow our researchers to enhance and develop their research excellence.

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