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About the school

Our vision is to change the world by connecting processes, information, services and people, and to set the template for the future of this field through excellent teaching, research and services for industry.

Our research

Our research is dedicated to understanding, explaining, predicting and guiding the impact of IT-enabled business processes, services and information on societies, corporations and individuals. We are known for our uncompromising focus on rigorously conducted and highly relevant research, which influences its field and provides immediate value to students and industry partners.

Several of our students have been awarded the best Australian PhD thesis in Information Systems by the Australian Council of Professors and Heads of Information Systems (ACPHIS).

Research in our school is carried out within the disciplines of:

We're regarded as one of the leading academic institutions in the world based on our business process management research capabilities and impact.

Our key research areas include information science, service science, and library and information studies. Key projects with major domestic and international applications include retail and airport innovation research to improve systems, performance, and customer services.

A number of our expert researchers are also delivering capability into QUT's multidisciplinary Institute for Future Environments (IFE). Their contributions include research in the design and construction of secure and resilient information systems, in order to be better prepared against natural disasters and criminal and terrorist attacks.

Our courses

Our high-quality information systems curriculum is constantly evolving, as we incorporate the latest knowledge and world-class practice into our teaching and learning.

We also make sure our students have access to relevant, real-world opportunities for work placements and training.


School of Information Systems

  • Level 8, P Block, Science and Engineering Centre
    Gardens Point